May 17, 2011

Buzzing with Excitement!

We're finally counting down the last few weeks of school in first grade! As of today, we only have 19 days left. Every year my students and I make a "countdown board" outside of our classroom so we can all count down the days left. This year I decided to go with the same bee theme I did last year, because it turned out so cute!

I was a little pressed for time this year, so I had students do a follow the directions assignment and complete the "Buzzing Bonnie" bee pattern below that I found in one of my Carson-Dellosa books.

The countdown hive is simply a pattern I drew and cut out on a large piece of yellow construction paper, then lamintated. I wrote "Days Until Summer" on the laminated hive with a Vis-a-Vis Marker, and we use a dry erase to change the number each day-- super simple!
We've also made this bulletin board using a paper bee pattern that I created that I have my students follow. I promise to post the template for the bee pattern I created, and for the hive later this afternoon when I'm near a scanner.  :)

Do you do a countdown with your students? What does yours look like? Do you do a countdown for any other special events with your students?

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