April 4, 2011

You Know You Teach First Grade When...

I loved reading all the posts from this Linky Party from Babbling Abby at The Inspired Apple and just had to participate too. Click the link to link yourself up as well!

You Know You Teach First Grade When....

-You come home nightly with glitter, glue, marker, paint, or some other craft supply somewhere on your clothes.

-You own at least 1 apron for school use, not for cooking.

-You come home with a song stuck in your head by Dr. Jean

-You're just as excited for snow days as your students.

-You've found yourself with a shopping cart full of craft materials that were on sale or on clearance that you don't really need "just in case"

-You love shopping in the back to school sections at the end of summer.

-You've gone through more than one electric pencil sharpener in a school year.

-You have a full drawer/bin of stickers and another one of stamps.

-You've pulled out your "teacher voice" in a public place with a stranger's child on accident.

-You've pulled out your "teacher voice" on your husband/boyfriend/friend. ("I am not one of your students, stop treating me like one!" Ring any bells?)

-When a student asks you to spell something for them, you sound it out phonetically-
Student: "How do you spell spaghetti?"     Teacher: "S-pa-get-ti. Try your best!"

-You have a bulletin board/desk/file full of student pictures.

-The words "I love you" or "You're the best teacher in the world" from a student can make your entire day worth it.

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