May 4, 2011

How did we ever survive without...

I am a spoiled teacher when it comes to technology, I'll admit it. If there's a technology piece for my classroom I want, usually I can get it. I have a class set of awesome digital cameras, a mini document camera, 4 desktop computers for my students plus a laptop for myself, a set of SMART Remotes, and a SMART Board with a projector.

I'm not telling you all this to brag, I promise. I'm telling you all this because this week I realized how dependant I've become on my pieces of technology.

On Friday when I came into school I began my day like always:
I typed in my morning message as usual on my computer, but when I went to turn on my SMART Board something awful happened! The projector made a loud hissing sound and then shut off. My light bulb burnt out! Because the bulbs are apparently expensive, my school district does not keep extras of these bulbs on hand, so they've had to order me a new bulb. I've been SMART Board-less for the past 3 days :(

I've spent the past few days writing a lot of morning messages and information on chart paper, I've even pulled out my dust covered overhead projector and manipulatives for it from my closet. My kids thought the overhead was hillarious, they've never seen one before and wanted to use it all afternoon after I brought it out for math.

I've survived, but I appreciate the technology gifts I've been given even more...and I'm following the progress of my new projector bulb via tracking number every day.

Are there any pieces of technology you use in your classroom that you just couldn't live without? Leave a comment and let me know what and why below :)

Happy Teaching!


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