April 21, 2011

Roy G Biv and some before Spring Break fun

We had such a great day today! The kids were a little roudy today because it's the last day before our Spring Break, but we had some fun activities planned that quelled the "ants in the pants" a bit.

We have been discussing weather this past 6 weeks in Science so we ended the week with a fun activity from Made for 1st Grade's Weather Unit that I purchased from their TPT store. (Everything in their store is 20% off today through Easter, so be sure to check their store out!)
We spent some time discussing how rainbows are made, read a story about rainbows, and then made Roy G. Biv pictures. Look how cute they are!

This afternoon we talked about eggs and what happens when we dye eggs. Each student got a hard boiled egg (which one of the other first grade teachers dyed last night) and we used the tablets, vinegar, and water to dye them. We actually have a handful of students who have never dyed eggs before, so it was really exciting for them.

Have a fantastic Easter weekend!

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